PUNI, Ivan Albertovich, "Jean Pougny"

(1894-1956), Russia
  • Name: PUNI, Ivan Albertovich
  • Born: 1894, Kuokkala (St Petersburg), Russia
  • Died: 1956, Paris, France
Ivan Albertovich Puni (Jean Pougny) was a painter, graphic artist, theatre painter, book illustrator, author of articles on art. Grandson of composer Ts. Punn. In the 1910-s took private lessons from I.E. Repin. In 1910-1912 studied at the Julienne Academy in Paris. Took part in the exhibitions of “Youth union” and “Jack of diamonds”, was the main organizer of stage futuristic exhibitions “Tram B” (1915) and “O, 10” (1915-1916). In 1919 emigrated to Finland, since 1923 lived and worked in Paris. Personal exhibitions were held in “Der Sturm” gallery in Berlin (1920-1922) and in the galleries of Paris, New York, London, Vienna, Tokyo and Rome. The works of the artist are in the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian State Museum and in many museums of Europe and the USA.
Source: http://sovcom.ru/index.php?category=painters&painterstype=painter&painter=482

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Signature by: PUNI, Ivan Albertovich,