DUFY, Raoul

(1877-1953), France
  • Name: DUFY, Raoul
  • Born: 1877, Le Havre, France
  • Died: 1953
Raoul Dufy was a French Fauvist painter. He developed a colorful, decorative style that became fashionable for designs of ceramics and textiles, as well as decorative schemes for public buildings. He is noted for scenes of open-air social events. He was also a draftsman, printmaker, book illustrator, a theatrical set-dresser, a designer of furniture, and a planner of public spaces.
Raoul Dufy was born into a large family at Le Havre, in Normandy. He left school at the age of fourteen to work in a coffee-importing company. In 1895, when he was 18, he started taking evening classes in art at Le Havre's École d'Art (municipal art school). The classes were taught by Charles Lhuillier, who had been, forty years earlier, a student of the remarkable French portrait-painter, Ingres. There, Dufy met Raymond Lecourt and Othon Friesz with whom he later shared a studio in Montmartre and to whom he remained a lifelong friend. During this period, Dufy painted mostly Norman landscapes in watercolors....
Source: FromWikipedia,thefreeencyclopedia

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Signature by: DUFY, Raoul 1923
Signature by: DUFY, Raoul 1924-1925
Signature by: DUFY, Raoul Ca.1942 (Stamped signature)
Signature by: DUFY, Raoul ca. 1950
Signature by: DUFY, Raoul
Signature by: DUFY, Raoul
Signature by: DUFY, Raoul
Signature by: DUFY, Raoul
Signature by: DUFY, Raoul