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The only online dictionary that specializes in artists signatures and monograms. Our service also include artists biographies and art prices. With over 45.000 signatures and monograms by more than 20.000 artists, and constantly growing, our service offers a large database with valuable information for art buyers, dealers, institutions and authorities world wide – welcome to Art Signature Dictionary.

Smart search

With our smart search you can find signed art even if you can’t read or spell certain letters. Art Signature Dictionary allows you to identify artists on your smartphone, tablet or desktop devices. We have put a lot of effort and time in creating this intuitive smart search so that you can find what you are looking for as easy and fast as possible. Whether you can identify a few, some or all letters in a signature or monogram, only have information on birth, death, locations smart search is custom made to solve this situation.

Frequent updates

The content is the foundation of our service, therefore keep updating the database is our priority and key for our users. We strive to collect as much information as possible that is of value. In our work we gladly receives input from our user base and artists them self. In that case we offer free subscription plans and generous compensation models. Do you want to contribute with information please or want your work to be included? Please contact us and we set you up with our editor account.

Art forgeries

Through a unique partnership with police authorities around the world Art Signature Dictionary also is the world's only database of art forgery. All art forgeries are displayed with a valid conviction statement from local authorities and detail imagery.

Do you reasonably suspect that an object is forged. Report to your local police office.

Subscription for convenient access

We offer a limited daily free preview of artists information for everyone. After that period you need to log in with an active subscription plan. Compared to our competitors we offer great value for a portion of the price. Having said that our goal is to deliver quality and a comprehensive service for you to enjoy, always at the best price.


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Tommy Holmberg, founder & creator

In loving memory of Tommy Holmberg, 1945—2017Founder & Creator