1529–1608, Belgium/Italy

Also known as: Jean Boulogne, Giovanni Da Bologna, Giovanni Bologna

Birth 1529, Belgium
Died 1608

Giambologna, born as Jean Boulogne, incorrectly known as Giovanni da Bologna and Giovanni Bologna (1529 - August 13, 1608), was a sculptor, known for his marble and bronze statuary in a late Renaissance or Mannerist style.
Giambologna was born in Douai, Flanders (now in France). After youthful studies in Antwerp with the architect-sculptor Jacques du Broeucq,[1] he moved to Italy in 1550, and studied in Rome. Giambologna made detailed study of the sculpture of classical antiquity. He was also much influenced by Michelangelo, but developed his own Mannerist style, with perhaps less emphasis on emotion and more emphasis on refined surfaces, cool elegance and beauty. Pope Pius IV gave Giambologna his first major commission, the colossal bronze Neptune and subsidiary figures for the Fountain of Neptune (the base designed by Tommaso Laureti, 1566) in Bologna. Giambologna spent his most productive years in Florence, where he had settled in 1553. Ten years later, he was named a member (Accademico) of the prestigious Accademia delle Arti del Disegno, just founded by the Duke Cosimo I de\' Medici, at 13 January 1563, under the influence of the painter-architect Giorgio Vasari, becoming also one of the Medici most important court sculptors. He died in Florence at the age of 79 - the Medici had never subsequently allowed him to leave Florence, as they rightly feared that either the Austrian or Spanish Habsburgs would entice him into permanent employment. He was interred in a chapel he designed himself in the Santissima Annunziata.


Sabinskornas Bortrövande by GIAMBOLOGNA

Sabinskornas Bortrövande

Price SEK 51,450 (€5,787) Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated SEK 20,000–30,000
Sovande Nym by GIAMBOLOGNA

Sovande Nym

Price SEK 400,000 (€38,260)
Estimated SEK 20,000–25,000
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