Adrien DAX

1913–1979, France

Name Adrien DAX
Birth 1913, France
Died 1979, France

Adrien Dax, born 1913 in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) and died there in 1979, is a painter, who was close to the Communist Youth and gathered into surrealism in the late 1940s. He was also a passionate collector of Oceanic art

Le Geomètre - Impression De Relief by Adrien DAX

Le Geomètre - Impression De Relief (1967)

Price SEK 3,000 (€299)
Estimated SEK 1,200–1,500
Fenêtre étoilée by Adrien DAX

Fenêtre étoilée (1962)

Price SEK 8,500 (€848)
Estimated SEK 3,000–4,000
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