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1942, France

Birth: 1942
Blomplockerska by Alain THOMAS


Price EUR 4,200
Not sold
Estimated EUR 8,000
Olivia by Alain THOMAS

Olivia (1973)

Price SEK 0 (€0)
Not sold
Estimated SEK 5,000
Ermancia Et Le Lutin by Alain THOMAS

Ermancia Et Le Lutin

Price SEK 0 (€0)
Not sold
Estimated SEK 6,000
Latino Dans Un Paysage by Alain THOMAS

Latino Dans Un Paysage

Price SEK 4,400 (€491)
Estimated SEK 5,000
Lac Gelé Aux Patineurs by Alain THOMAS

Lac Gelé Aux Patineurs

Price SEK 8,000 (€829)
Estimated SEK 5,000–6,000
Paysage Enneigé Au Manoir by Alain THOMAS

Paysage Enneigé Au Manoir

Price SEK 7,000 (€725)
Estimated SEK 6,000–8,000
Le Lynx by Alain THOMAS

Le Lynx

Price SEK 4,800 (€497)
Estimated SEK 6,000–8,000