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1850–1914, Finland

Name Amelie, Amelia Helga LUNDAHL
Birth 1850
Died 1914
Boys By The Shore by Amelie LUNDAHL

Boys By The Shore (1881)

Price EUR 44,035
Estimated EUR 40,000–50,000
The Look by Amelie LUNDAHL

The Look (-89)

Price EUR 2,691
Estimated EUR 1,500–2,000
Fishing On The Lake by Amelie LUNDAHL

Fishing On The Lake

Price EUR 17,125
Estimated EUR 13,000–16,000
A Girl From Bretagne by Amelie LUNDAHL

A Girl From Bretagne (1880)

Price EUR 64,000
Estimated EUR 40,000–60,000
Metande Pojkar by Amelie LUNDAHL

Metande Pojkar

Price EUR 23,000
Estimated EUR 20,000–25,000
Blommor by Amelie LUNDAHL


Price EUR 3,100
Estimated EUR 1,000–1,300
Blommande äppelträd by Amelie LUNDAHL

Blommande äppelträd (ca 1900)

Price EUR 0
Estimated EUR 30,000–35,000
Girl By The Spinning Wheel by Amelie LUNDAHL

Girl By The Spinning Wheel

Price EUR 38,000
Estimated EUR 50,000