1969, USA

Birth 1969, USA

A different kind of fictional world can be observed in Anna Gaskell\'s work. Her series of photographic episodes (Wonder and Override) are based on a loose re-interpretation of Lewis Carroll\'s Alice in Wonderland. Gaskell treats her medium as a kind of stage set onto which she projects her child-centered concerns and enigmatic dramatic action. Apart from the fictional references however there lurks a disquieting sub-text often with sadistic overtones that centres around notions of childhood identity and transformation the transition from innocence to experience naiveté to knowing; suppressed eroticism and sexual awakening on the other hand are expressed through images of the fractured body. The artist adopts a cinematic approach towards photography employing \'actors\' (young girls) artificial lighting and \'framing\' the action taking place within the picture space. Unusual viewing angles and close ups violent cropping and stark contrasts of shadow and light result in a set of menacing claustrophobic spaces that intimate not only anxiety about ones coming of age but a general psychological unease. Gaskell\'s work does not posses specific narrative but rests rather on a series of suggestive \'actions\'. In fact her whole oeuvre is based on implication rather than description; it is this ambiguity hovering as it does between what is imagined and what one sees between reality and fiction that reinforces the sense of malaise and intrigue for the viewer.


Untitled #28(override) by Anna GASKELL

Untitled #28(override) (1997)

Price SEK 10,000 (€1,017)
Estimated SEK 15,000
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