1969, Russia

Also known as: AR

Birth 1969, Russia

Anna Rosenbäck, CV

Born 1969 in Moscow, Russia. Resident of Sweden since 1996
1985 – 1989 Graduated as artist-conservator State Art School named after Memory of 1905 in Moscow, Russia
1980 – 1984 Student of Art School N.1 in Moscow

Anna is a professional artist and an art conservator, see more at
After a total 8-years art education, she worked as a conservator of the tempera and oil paintings at Russian Science Research and Restorations Institute in Moscow.
She also worked as a teacher of watercolor painting, worked with the production of cartoons and completed several digital design and graphic educations.
As an illustrator and graphic designer Anna creates the digital graphic arts as well.
Anna creates artworks more than 25 years by several techniques and by different materials as oil, acrylic, pastel, pencils, metal and many more.

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EXHIBITIONS (selection)
2015 Toscana Nordic, Crespina, Italy
2015 Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland
2015 Formex Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
2014 Nacka Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
2014 Parallax Art Fair, London, UK
2014 Spectrum, Javits Center North, New York, USA
2014 Art Nordic Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Artexpo Art Fair, New York, USA
2009, 2014 Stockholm´s Art Salon, Sweden
2014 Gallery ArtMeet, Milano, Italy
2013 MOOD Stockholm, Sweden
2013 Luftkastellet Art Fair, Malmö, Sweden
2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 Gallery Svea, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 Gellery Old Town, Eskilstuna, Sweden
2009 Väsby Art Hall, Sweden
2009 Kista Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 Gallery Gal, Frederiksværk, Danmark
2007 Gallery Hagström, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 EUROP´ART 16th International Art Fair, Geneva, Schweiz
2006, 2007 Gallery T, Stockholm, Sweden
1996-1997 Wasa Theater in Vasa, Finland
1996 Sundsval Art Fair, Sweden
1993 Gallery Dombron, Uppsala, Sweden
1991 Paris-Auction, “Art Russe XX siécle 1900-1990″, Paris, France