1978, Sweden

Also known as: AA

Name Annika ASCHBERG
Birth 1978

Annika Aschberg
After studying Law and History of Art in the US and Sweden, Annika Aschberg chose to train as a photographer, after which she worked as an assistant at various locations, including Smashbox Studios in LA. With her modern documentary style and cinematic feel, Annika Aschberg moves effortlessly between different design languages in the photographic sphere. Her images feature a strong presence and an energetic attitude. Her clear sense of fashion runs as a common thread throughout her work, where the model is the main character in the story being told.

In 2007, Annika Aschberg won a German fashion photography ”Lead Award” in the category ”Mood- und Modefotografie des Jahres” for her series ”Think Big” for the magazine Liebling. The images were also part of a touring collection exhibited in Tokyo, New York, Berlin, etc.

Her modern pictorial language has generated work for magazines such as Rodeo, Swedish and Italian Glamour, Liebling, ELLE and others. She has also carried out commissions for Madonna, Sandra Backlund, JC and Velour.

Alongside her fashion jobs, Annika Aschberg is working on a book about refugees from Cambodia who fled to the US from Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge genocide of 1975 and who are now being forced back to a country where they have not lived for over 30 years.