1838–1888, Netherlands

Birth 1838, 1838-09-18
Died 1888, 1888-02-05

Anthonij Rudolf Mauve was a Dutch realist painter who was a leading member of the Hague School. He signed his paintings 'A. Mauve' or with a monogrammed 'A.M.'. A master colorist, he was a very significant early influence on his cousin-in-law Vincent van Gogh.
Most of Mauve's work depicts people and animals in outdoor settings. In his Morning Ride in the Rijksmuseum, for example, fashionable equestrians at the seacoast are seen riding away from the viewer. An unconventional detail, horse droppings in the foreground, attests his commitment to realism.
His best known paintings depict peasants working in the fields. His paintings of flocks of sheep were especially popular with American patrons, so popular indeed that a price differential developed between scenes of "sheep coming" and "sheep going".


Weite Wiesenlandschaft In Abendstimmung Mit Heimziehender Schafherde by Anton MAUVE

Weite Wiesenlandschaft In Abendstimmung Mit Heimziehender Schafherde

Price EUR 2,700
The Sweeper by Anton MAUVE

The Sweeper

Price USD 0 (€0) Not sold
Estimated USD 3,000–4,000
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