20th century, Germany

Name Anura THAMARD
Lived & Active In Germany / Usa

Anura Thamardt is right now living either in Duesseldorf or New York, but thinking to live on a house boot in the future to be like her father somehow, who was a sailor round the world. Her mother was very much into drawing,poetry,and her father into artwork made from wood. Her interest in art manifested itself early in her life. When she was a little child, she was so prolific in producing drawings, paintings and sculptures that her parents could not keep up with her need for art supplies. Her favorite subjects in school were art, mathematic, biology, psychology, sociology, sport, singing and politics. Already in primary school, her teachers recognized her unique abilities in art, when she had to draw a portrait. However, since Anura Thamardt was also interested in science, she initially studied science and continued art also, before she decided to do it in reverse. She concentrated mainly on art, studied Visual Communication, which included painting, drawing, video, photography, sculpturing, design and got a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Aachen, but she was and is still interested in science. She won 1990 the first prize of the German Competition - Art at Architecture -, where she created an artistic version of a wall made out of glass, pieces of metal and tiles, between an old Town Hall Building and its modern extension. Prof. Werner Schmalenbach was head of the jury. He was responsible for developing the Duesseldorf Art Museum into one of the most famous and important museums in the world. Anura Thamardt has traveled widely and has been influenced by many different cultures. She lived and worked in London, before moving to New York also.

Group Exhibitions
2009 Studio 7, Duesseldorf, Germany
2008 Guild Hall, East Hampton, New York
2006 10 Years Kunstpunkte, Open Studios, Duesseldorf, Germany
2005 Eickholt Gallery, Group Exhibition,Soho, New York
2004 Eickholt Gallery, Group Exhibition, Soho, New York
2003 Guild Hall, Group Exhibition, East Hampton, New York
2002 Gallery Marc Miller, - Imagination - , New York
2001 Artists’ Woods Gallery and Sculpture Garden, - USA911 -, Artists Unite To Help Victims Families, East Hampton, New York
2001 Gallery Marc Miller , New York.

Solo Exhibitions
1992 Ludwig Forum,Theatre and Galleries, – Artists against Racism -, Aachen, Germany