1915–2005, Germany

Also known as: BS

Name Bernhard SCHULTZE
Birth 1915, Germany
Died 2005

Bernard Schultze biography:

Bernard Schultze studied at the Hochschule für Kunsterziehung in Berlin und the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. In 1952 he founded with Karl Otto Götz, Otto Greis and Heinz Kreutz the artist group called ‘Quadriga’, one of the major representatives of the German Informal Painting. In 1968 he moved to Cologne. His works show strong influence by WOLS and the Tachism, yet he developed his very own style, often described as gestic and lyrical abstract painting.


Cheerful In Minor by Bernhard SCHULTZE

Cheerful In Minor (2001)

Price EUR 4,500
Estimated EUR 4,000–8,000
Untitled by Bernhard SCHULTZE

Untitled (1958)

Price EUR 2,500 Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated EUR 2,500
Ratlos Im Migof-labyrinth by Bernhard SCHULTZE

Ratlos Im Migof-labyrinth (1970)

Price SEK 22,000 (€2,196)
Estimated SEK 12,000–15,000
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