1941, USA

Name Bruce NAUMAN
Birth 1941, USA

Bruce Nauman is an artist of many talents. He is a well-known sculptor and photographer who uses numerous backgrounds and methods. He is famous for his use of neon in his designs. Nauman currently lives in New Mexico. Born in Indiana, Nauman’s father worked for General Electric. His education was in mathematics and physics. These subjects have turned into ways for him to create videos and other pieces of art that are like none other. Nauman has taught at the San Francisco Art Institute and the University of California at Irvine. He has been married two times, and currently lives with his second wife. When Nauman began his career as an artist, he didn’t think of it as a job. He thought of it as an activity where he could create beautiful works that people would enjoy. His first studio was in a grocery store in San Francisco. He then moved to a sublet that was owned by someone he tutored from the University. While he was at the sublet, he began experimenting with video and making formations with 16mm reels. Many of his works are literal pieces for the titles. One of his famous neon pieces is Run From Fear-Fun From Rear. Another photograph is called Bound to Fail where the artist in the picture has his hands and arms tied behind him. Nauman’s recent pieces relate to images of the human body and animal parts.


Shit And Die by Bruce NAUMAN

Shit And Die (-83)

Price SEK 160,000 (€18,152)
Estimated SEK 30,000–40,000
Help Me Hurt Me by Bruce NAUMAN

Help Me Hurt Me (-75)

Price SEK 120,000 (€13,614)
Estimated SEK 80,000–100,000
Tone Mirror by Bruce NAUMAN

Tone Mirror (1974)

Price SEK 10,000 (€1,045)
Estimated SEK 12,000–15,000
Human Nature by Bruce NAUMAN

Human Nature (1983)

Price USD 776,750 (€642,579) Incl. buyer's premium
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