1891–1984, Guatemala

Name Carlos MÉRIDA
Birth 1891, Guatemala
Died 1984

Carlos Mérida studied at the Instituto de Artes y Artesanias in Guatemala City. In 1910 he accompanied his friend Valenti to Paris, where he met Picasso. However just 4 months after arriving, Valenti shot himself dead, an event that greatly affected Mérida. After traveling through Europe, he returned to Guatemala in 1914 and had his first exhibition.

In 1919 he married Dalillla Gálvez (with whom he remained married until her death in 1974) but because the marriage was against the wishes of her family, they made their home in México where he became active in the Mexican mural painting school.

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La Casa Dorada by Carlos MÉRIDA

La Casa Dorada (1979)

Price USD 3,450 (€2,750)
Estimated USD 2,000–4,000
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