Charles LEVIER

1920–2004, France/USA

Name Charles LEVIER
Birth 1920, France
Died 2004

Charles Levier was a very successful and highly acclaimed French painter whose works can be found in widespread public and private art collections. Born in 1920 in Corsica, which is also known as the Mediterranean Mountain Island, Levier was most active in New York. Levier is most highly praised for his still life paintings, landscapes and figure paintings.


Les Fleurs Sauvages by Charles LEVIER

Les Fleurs Sauvages

Price EUR 450
Estimated EUR 450–500
Untitled, City Street by Charles LEVIER

Untitled, City Street

Price USD 600 (€467)
Estimated USD 600–900
Printemps by Charles LEVIER


Price USD 546 (€406)
Estimated USD 500–1,000
Femmes Aux Fleurs by Charles LEVIER

Femmes Aux Fleurs

Price USD 805 (€599)
Estimated USD 500–1,000
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