1930, Switzerland

Birth 1930

Daniel Spoerri Biography:

Daniel Spoerri, born March 27, 1930 became known as an artist, mainly through his so-called „ snare pictures“ (1960s). However, his career started in the 1950s as a dancer in Bern. Later he made a name for himself as a restaurant manager (1970s) and as the founder of Eat Art ( Eat Art Galerie in Düsseldorf and several banquets).
In the 1990s he created an extensive sculpture park, an Italian foundation since 1997.
In 2009 the "Kunststaulager Spoerri" was opened in Hadersdorf am Kamp (Austria). For more information: www.spoerri.at
The list of his exhibitions in recent years reflects the artist’s continual development and the unabated interest in Daniel Spoerri’s work.

Source: http://www.danielspoerri.org/web_daniel/englisch_ds/home.htm

Tableau Piège (aktion Restaurant Spoerri) by Daniel SPOERRI

Tableau Piège (aktion Restaurant Spoerri) (-72)

Price SEK 73,500 (€8,004) Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated SEK 80,000–100,000
Tableau Piège by Daniel SPOERRI

Tableau Piège (1981)

Price SEK 16,000 (€1,571)
Estimated SEK 12,000–15,000
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