88/1886–50/1947, Romania/France

Also known as: Chiparus, Demetre Haralamb

Name Dimitri, Demetre Haralamb CHIPARUS
Birth 88/1886, Romania
Died 50/1947

Dimitri Chiparus studied for Antonin Mercier and Jean Boucher. He is well known for his small scale, colorful bronze or bronze and ivory female and children figures.

Egyptian Dancer by Dimitri CHIPARUS

Egyptian Dancer

Price USD 3,600 (€3,318)
Estimated USD 5,000–7,000
Kvinna På Stol, Kopia, 1900-tal by Dimitri CHIPARUS

Kvinna På Stol, Kopia, 1900-tal

Price SEK 4,100 (€446)
Estimated SEK 5,000
Kvinnofigur I Art Deco-stil by Dimitri CHIPARUS

Kvinnofigur I Art Deco-stil

Price SEK 2,600 (€291)
Estimated SEK 1,500
Friends Forever by Dimitri CHIPARUS

Friends Forever

Price EUR 0
Estimated EUR 25,000–30,000
Förälskat Par, Brons, Stensockel by Dimitri CHIPARUS

Förälskat Par, Brons, Stensockel

Price SEK 2,000 (€187)
Estimated SEK 5,000
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