Edgar Mathias SAVING

1970, Sweden

Name Edgar Mathias SAVING
Birth 1970, Sweden

Edgar Mathias has created a new scene with his very personal artistic language. Stockholm has recognized that language. During the last decade he has enjoyed great success with his exhibitions in Sweden. His paintings are widely appreciated both in his native country and beyond - many paintings have during the last years been purchased by institutions and private collectors, mainly in Japan, USA and Italy. Edgar is also represented in about 40 other countries worldwide.

His oil paintings display a naive playfulness. The technique is very personal and the result of intense experimentation. Different background materials are used and layer upon layer of oil colour is added to create the right texture and patina. Gold- and silver leaves are added, which creates interesting contrasts. \"I try to create an antique feeling, fragmented structures, almost ceramical. As if someone had taken a piece of an old wall from Ancient Greece, framed it and decorated it with different motives in beautiful colours, gold and silver.\"

Source: http://www.galleri67.com/current_artist.php

Kuliss by Edgar Mathias SAVING


Price SEK 1,200 (€123)
Estimated SEK 1,000
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