1853–1919, Finland

Also known as: EF

Birth 1853
Died 1919
Höstfärger Vid Vattenbrynet by Ellen FAVORIN

Höstfärger Vid Vattenbrynet

Price EUR 4,158 Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated EUR 2,000–2,500
Autumn Day by Ellen FAVORIN

Autumn Day

Price EUR 2,931
Estimated EUR 2,500–3,000
Coastal View by Ellen FAVORIN

Coastal View (1886)

Price EUR 2,076
Estimated EUR 1,500–2,000
Sjölandskap by Ellen FAVORIN


Price EUR 1,800
Estimated EUR 2,000–2,500
Höstdag by Ellen FAVORIN


Price EUR 1,700
Estimated EUR 1,500–2,000
Skier With A Dog In Winter Landscape by Ellen FAVORIN

Skier With A Dog In Winter Landscape (1879)

Price EUR 3,600
Estimated EUR 3,500
Lake Landscape by Ellen FAVORIN

Lake Landscape

Price EUR 4,000
Estimated EUR 5,000
Kvällslandskap by Ellen FAVORIN

Kvällslandskap (-81)

Price EUR 1,600
Estimated EUR 1,200–1,500
På åsen by Ellen FAVORIN

På åsen

Price EUR 4,600
Estimated EUR 2,000–2,300
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