1926–2003, Hungary

Name Endre SZÁSZ
Birth 1926, Hungary
Died 2003, Hungary

Endre Szasz was a painter, illustrator, graphic artist, printmaker, muralist and ceramics decorator who was born in Csikszereda, Hungary. He subsequently lived in Toronto, Canada, (1970 to 1974) and then Los Angeles, California. He returned to Hungary in 1982, where he later died in the town of Várda. His subjects were portraits of imaginary people, fantasy, mystical figures and faces. His styles were surrealist and symbolist. He described himself as a “Folk Surrealist” . He illustrated several hundred books including those of Chekhov, Gorky, Emily Bronte, Sandor Weores and Imre Madach. In 1959, he won the book illustrators' gold medal at the Leipzig Fair. His etchings for Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat were included in the 1964 British Museum exhibition titled, “The Thirty Most Beautiful Books Of The Twentieth Century”. He is listed in The Collector's Dictionary of Canadian Artists at Auction (2001), by Anthony R. Westbridge and Diana L. Bodnar, published by Westbridge Publications Ltd. (4 volumes) and in E.Benezit (1999) published by Grund.

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