Ernest Charles WALBOURN
1872–1927, England

Name Ernest Charles WALBOURN
Birth 1872, England
Died 1927

Ernest Walbourn was born in Middlesex in 1872. His father initially wanted him to become an architect, but soon relented and converted the shed at the bottom of the family’s garden into a studio for his son. After numerous exhibits at the Royal Academy, Walbourn married Eva Knight, who was to provide both help and encouragement in his career. She often assisted him in painting the backgrounds of his larger works and later became an accomplished amateur painter of garden scenes. Walbourn's work was in the classic tradition of Victorian landscape painting and earned him considerable popularity within his lifetime. He painted almost exclusively in oils and even his preparatory sketches were in this medium, such was his skill. His subjects were taken from the English countryside which he knew so well, and in particular from the Southern Counties, Wales and the West Country.


Herde Med Fårflock I Böljande Höstlandskap by Ernest Charles WALBOURN

Herde Med Fårflock I Böljande Höstlandskap

Price SEK 1,300 (€140)
Estimated SEK 4,000–6,000
Bymotiv by Ernest Charles WALBOURN

Bymotiv (1900)

Price SEK 5,000 (€527)
Estimated SEK 4,000–6,000
Gårdsflicka by Ernest Charles WALBOURN


Price SEK 12,000 (€1,296)
Estimated SEK 15,000–18,000
Riverbank Mowing by Ernest Charles WALBOURN

Riverbank Mowing

Price USD 948 (€700)
Estimated USD 800–1,200
Feeding The Birds by Ernest Charles WALBOURN

Feeding The Birds

Price USD 1,322 (€977)
Estimated USD 800–1,200
Gårdsidyll by Ernest Charles WALBOURN


Price SEK 9,000 (€1,051)
Estimated SEK 8,000
Promenaden by Ernest Charles WALBOURN

Promenaden (1900)

Price SEK 7,600 (€855)
Estimated SEK 10,000
Flicka Med Vattenhink by Ernest Charles WALBOURN

Flicka Med Vattenhink

Price SEK 8,000 (€885) Not sold
Estimated SEK 8,000
Blomstersamlande Ung Kvinna by Ernest Charles WALBOURN

Blomstersamlande Ung Kvinna

Price SEK 14,000 (€1,563)
Estimated SEK 20,000
Blomsterplockande Kvinna by Ernest Charles WALBOURN

Blomsterplockande Kvinna

Price SEK 21,501 (€2,408)
Estimated SEK 25,000
Flodlandskap Med Kvinna Och Fåglar by Ernest Charles WALBOURN

Flodlandskap Med Kvinna Och Fåglar

Price SEK 23,000 (€2,490)
Estimated SEK 15,000–18,000
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