Francisco ZUÑIGA

1912–1998, Costa Rica/Mexico

Also known as: Zuniga Chavarria

Name Francisco ZUÑIGA
Birth 1912, Costa Rica
Died 1998, Mexico

Born in Costa Rica, sculptor Francisco Zúñiga moved to Mexico in 1936 where he taught art and gained a reputation as a sculptor best known for his depictions of strong and beautiful native women. Although he worked in painting graphic art, it is his sculptures of women who are grounded to the earth through the power of their form, as well as, the wood, stone, and bronze materials used to create them. They bring to mind the Mayan and Aztec princesses of the Mexico’s history, while still referencing the modern woman of Mexico and Central America. "Standing Woman" from 1945 is a perfect example of this combination of historic reference and modern mid-twentieth century form. The strength and power of her body is made softer and more beautiful by the mahogany wood from which she is carved.


Woman With Towel by Francisco ZUÑIGA

Woman With Towel (1973)

Price USD 2,000 (€1,778)
Estimated USD 2,000–4,000
Juchitecas by Francisco ZUÑIGA

Juchitecas (-74)

Price USD 700 (€622)
Estimated USD 1,000–2,000
Standing Woman by Francisco ZUÑIGA

Standing Woman (-45)

Price USD 28,175 (€21,052)
Estimated USD 20,000–30,000
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