1625–1678, Belgium

Name Gillis Van TILBORGH
Birth 1625, Belgium
Died 1678

Gillis van Tilborch was a Flemish Baroque painter who specialised in group portraits and both \"low-life\" and elegant genre paintings. He possibly studied under David Teniers the Younger, and joined the Brussels painters\' guild in 1654. HIs portraits of bourgeois sitters are similar to those of Gonzales Coques. He also painted gallery pictures, such as the Interior of a Picture Gallery with the Artist and His Patrons (c. 1660–70, oil on canvas, 38 1/4 X 51 inches, 97.2 x 129.5 cm, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence),[1] that reflect the relationship between artists and patrons in the seventeenth century. The series documenting works held at Tervuren castle, where he was appointed keeper of the collection in 1666, are more extensive examples of the same trend in painting. He was England around 1670–1671, where he painted The Tichborne Dole (1671).


Värdshusinteriör Med Dryckesbröder by Gillis Van TILBORGH

Värdshusinteriör Med Dryckesbröder

Price SEK 15,000 (€1,435)
Estimated SEK 20,000–30,000
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