Giovanni Battista The Younger PITTONI

1687–1767, Italy

Name Giovanni Battista The Younger PITTONI
Birth 1687
Died 1767

Giovanni Battista Pittoni trained with his uncle, the Venetian painter Francesco Pittoni before joining Venice’s painter’s guild in 1716. He began painting in a Rococo style similar to Sebastiano Ricci and Tiepolo that also incorporated advanced coloring and French Rococo influences. He was an integral figure in the spreading of the Venetian Rococo style, as he created most of his religious, mythological, and historical paintings for clients in Germany, Poland, and Russia. With the increase in popularity of the Neoclassical style, Pittoni’s palette became more subdues and his compositions became calmer. He helped found the Venetian Academy and became president of the institution in 1758 after Tiepolo.


Thomas Von Aquin by Giovanni Battista The Younger PITTONI

Thomas Von Aquin

Price EUR 0 Not sold
Estimated EUR 9,000–12,000
Mytologiskt Motiv by Giovanni Battista The Younger PITTONI

Mytologiskt Motiv

Price SEK 8,500 (€813)
Estimated SEK 12,000–15,000
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