1883–1957, Japan

Name Hasui KAWASE
Birth 1883
Died 1957

Hasui Kawase is most known for his wide range of landscape woodblocks of exquisite colour, perspective and ambiance.

Autumn At Funatsu by Hasui KAWASE

Autumn At Funatsu (1953)

Price SEK 4,600 (€518)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Zaimoku Vid Matsushima, Watanabe by Hasui KAWASE

Zaimoku Vid Matsushima, Watanabe

Price SEK 2,800 (€315)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Ninomaya Beach by Hasui KAWASE

Ninomaya Beach

Price SEK 2,700 (€290)
Estimated SEK 2,000
(4) Träsnitt by Hasui KAWASE

(4) Träsnitt

Price SEK 7,000 (€685)
Estimated SEK 2,000
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