Henriette RONNER

1821–1909, Netherlands/Belgium

Also known as: HR, Ronner-Knip, Henriette

Birth 1821, Netherlands
Died 1909, Belgium

Henriëtte Ronner-Knip (1821-1909)
Henriėtte Ronner-Knip, daughter of the Dutch painter Joseph August Knip (1777-1847), was born in Amsterdam and trained by her famous father. Her early works are therefore inspired by his genre of landscape and animal painting, whereas she also processed the impressions of their longer stays in Paris in Rome. In 1838, Henriėtte Ronner-Knip already recorded her first exhibitions in The Hague, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. After her father’s death, she married Feico Ronner (1819-1883) in 1850 and went with him to Brussels. Here, she specialized in depictions of cats and dogs in tasteful domestic environments – subjects that were of enormous appeal to the wealthy bourgeois of Brussels. Ronner-Knip exhibited widely in Brussels, Amsterdam, The Hague and abroad, mostly however in France and England. She was awarded with several prizes and her charming works of dogs and cats can be found throughout museums such as in Amsterdam, Dordrecht and Avignon.

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Aufbruch Mit Hundewagen by Henriette RONNER

Aufbruch Mit Hundewagen

Price EUR 2,600 Not sold
Estimated EUR 5,000–6,000
Junge Mit Hundewagen by Henriette RONNER

Junge Mit Hundewagen (1850/60)

Price EUR 3,750 Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated EUR 3,000
Landscape With Animals by Henriette RONNER

Landscape With Animals (1843)

Price EUR 4,000
Estimated EUR 4,000–8,000
Katt Lekandes Med Trollslända by Henriette RONNER

Katt Lekandes Med Trollslända

Price SEK 10,000 (€1,149)
Estimated SEK 15,000–18,000
Kätzchen Und Fliege by Henriette RONNER

Kätzchen Und Fliege (-93)

Price EUR 2,200
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