Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM
1840–1905, Finland

Also known as: HJM, HJMLM

Name Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM
Birth 1840, 19/10, Finland
Died 1905, 2/4, Finland

Hjalmar Munsterhjelm studied at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf between 1860 and 1865, first as a student of Hans Frederick Gude and then under Oswald Achenbach. From 1865 to 1870 he worked for Gude in Karlsruhe. During this period he was influenced by Gude realism and romanticism of the Nordic Council and of the older generation of artists in Dusseldorf. His father owned a farm in central Finland, whose geographical position was a source of inspiration for many of his landscape paintings.

Source: Art Signature Dictionary

Hjalmar Munsterhjelm studerade på Konstakademien i Düsseldorf mellan 1860 och 1865, först som elev till Hans Fredrik Gude och sedan under Oswald Achenbach. Från 1865 till 1870 arbetade han under Gude i Karlsruhe. Under denna period var han påverkad av Gudes realism samt av den Nordiska romantiken och av den äldre generationen konstnärer i Düsseldorf. Hans far ägde en gård i mellersta finland vars geografiska läge var en inspirationskälla för många av hans landskapsmålningar.

Source: Art Signature Dictionary

Summer Landscape With Cows by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Summer Landscape With Cows

Price EUR 13,000
Estimated EUR 15,000
Skogstrakt I Hauho, Tavastland by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Skogstrakt I Hauho, Tavastland

Price EUR 38,000
Estimated EUR 40,000
The Archipelago by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

The Archipelago

Price EUR 23,852
Estimated EUR 15,000–20,000
View From The Alps by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

View From The Alps (-68)

Price EUR 6,596 Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated EUR 2,500–3,000
Checking The Nets by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Checking The Nets

Price EUR 3,900
Estimated EUR 2,000–3,000
Riverbank At Sunset by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Riverbank At Sunset (1872)

Price EUR 47,000
Estimated EUR 30,000–40,000
Kalastajia Rannalla by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Kalastajia Rannalla

Price EUR 9,000
Estimated EUR 10,000–15,000
Iltatunnelmaa, Kalastajia by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Iltatunnelmaa, Kalastajia (-69)

Price EUR 13,000
Estimated EUR 15,000–20,000
Lepohetki by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM


Price EUR 2,300
Estimated EUR 2,500–3,000
Lake View by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Lake View

Price EUR 9,500
Estimated EUR 10,000
Autumn Landscape by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Autumn Landscape (1871)

Price EUR 4,500
Estimated EUR 5,000
Inre Skärgård by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Inre Skärgård

Price EUR 4,800
Estimated EUR 6,000–8,000
Båt På Stranden by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Båt På Stranden

Price EUR 12,000
Estimated EUR 12,000–15,000
Roddtur I Aftonljus by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Roddtur I Aftonljus

Price EUR 12,000
Estimated EUR 15,000–20,000
Våren Anländer by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Våren Anländer (1872)

Price EUR 12,000
Estimated EUR 8,000–12,000
Strömmande Vatten by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Strömmande Vatten

Price EUR 11,000
Estimated EUR 10,000–12,000
Vinterdag I Karlsruhe by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Vinterdag I Karlsruhe (1870)

Price EUR 14,000
Estimated EUR 10,000–12,000


Price EUR 10,000
Estimated EUR 10,000–12,000
Solig Sommarförmiddag Motiv Från Tavastland by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Solig Sommarförmiddag Motiv Från Tavastland

Price EUR 23,000
Estimated EUR 20,000–25,000
Segling I Barösund by Hjalmar ‘Hjmlm’ MUNSTERHJELM

Segling I Barösund

Price EUR 12,500
Estimated EUR 8,000–10,000
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