1873–1950, Hungary

Birth 1873, 29/9, Hungary
Died 1950, 7/3, Hungary

Hugo Scheiber biography:

Scheiber worked as a sign painter and attended the School of Applied Arts in Budapest from 1898 to 1900. His early works are based on Impressionism. In the 1920s he went to Berlin and came to terms with Futurism and Expressionism. Thematically, he dealt mainly with portraits, life in the big city and the world of cabaret. His works were shown at the Galerie Der Sturm and published in the same named journal. 1926 his paintings were shown in the exhibition ‘Société Anonyme’ in New York. In the 1930s he oriented his work increasingly towards Art Deco. Hugo Scheiber returned to Budapest in 1939, where he died in 1950.
Scheiber's work is represented in numerous exhibitions of Hungarian avant-garde and renowned collections, including the Hungarian National Gallery and the Janus Pannonius Muzeum in Pecs


Porträtt by Hugo SCHEIBER


Price SEK 16,000 (€1,690)
Estimated SEK 8,000
Portrait Of A Man by Hugo SCHEIBER

Portrait Of A Man (c. 1915)

Price EUR 3,000
Estimated EUR 3,000–6,000
Jazzclub by Hugo SCHEIBER

Jazzclub (Executed ca.1920's)

Price EUR 0 Not sold
Estimated EUR 5,000–5,500
Två Kvinnor by Hugo SCHEIBER

Två Kvinnor

Price SEK 0 (€0) Not sold
Estimated SEK 30,000–35,000
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