Ivan Iakovlevich BILIBINE

Ivan Iakovlevich BILIBINE
1876–1942, Russia

Also known as: IB

Name Ivan Iakovlevich BILIBINE
Birth 1876, Russia
Died 1942

Ivan Bilibin (1876-1942) was a Russian artist, born in St. Petersburg, somewhat isolated from the associations with traditional Russian art found so strongly among the art community in Moscow. His first inspirations came from Russian folk and fairy tales. After seeing an exhibition by Victor Vasnetsov (of whom I know precisely nothing) in 1899 which included images and scenes from folk lore and opera, he was drawn to the remoteness of the wildernesses of Old Russia that gave rise to the legends. His watercolors from this trip were seen and admired by the "Department for the Production of State Documents" and he was commissioned to illustrate a series of books of fairy tales...

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