Jürgen Von KONOW
1914–1959, Sweden

Birth 1914
Died 1959
Strandvägen I Snö by Jürgen Von KONOW

Strandvägen I Snö (1951)

Price SEK 1,500 (€168)
Estimated SEK 2,500
Spritkön (lilla Nygatan, Stockholm) by Jürgen Von KONOW

Spritkön (lilla Nygatan, Stockholm) (1943-44)

Price SEK 3,500 (€390)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Björkar by Jürgen Von KONOW

Björkar (1942)

Price SEK 0 (€0)
Estimated SEK 1,500
Strand I Holland by Jürgen Von KONOW

Strand I Holland (1953)

Price SEK 1,700 (€167)
Estimated SEK 2,000
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