Jacques DOUCET
1924–1994, France

Name Jacques DOUCET
Birth 1924, France
Died 1994, France

The French painter Jacques Doucet was born in Boulogne-sur-Seine in 1924. During the Second World War Doucet was interned as a political prisoner. This experience had a great influence on his creative work. After his release from prison he studied at the Montparnasse Academy.

In 1947 he met the Dutch artist Corneille who drew him into the Dutch Experimental Group. Doucet made the cover of Reflex, the second edition of the magazine of this Group. In 1948 he joined CoBrA. In this group Jacques Doucet became a contact man. He also participated in the famous CoBrA exhibitions in Amsterdam (1949) and Liege (1951).

Later on Jacques Doucet painted more and more in an abstract way. He also used all kinds of materials. His work could be seen regularly at exhibitions in France, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands (at Jaski Art Gallery). Jacques Doucet died in Paris in 1994.

Source: http://www.jaski.nl/CoBrAKunstenaars/JacquesDoucet/tabid/191/Default.aspx