Jacques VILLON
1875–1963, France

Name Jacques VILLON
Birth 1875, France
Died 1963, France

Jacques Villon was known for his Cubist-style works and he was the brother of Marcel Duchamp, Raymond Duchamp Villon and Suzanne Duchamp. After studying law he settled in Paris in 1894, where he worked in Cormon\'s studio and earned his living as a draughtsman. During this period he contributed to the magazines Le Chat noir, Gil Blas, Lassiette au Beurre and Le Courrier franqais. In 1904 he became a founder member of the Salon d\'Automne, in which he regularly exhibited. In 1912 he helped to organize the Section d\'Or exhibition, and in 1913 took part in the International Exhibition of Modern Art (the Armory Show) in New York.