1952, Norway

Name Jan Erik WILLGOHS
Birth 1952, Norway

Jan Erik Willgohs

1973-80 Studied at State Academy of Art, Oslo
Art High School, Stockholm
Royal College of Art; London
1980 Master of Art- degree, Royal College of Art, London
1980-84 Worked in Stockholm and West-Berlin
1984- Worked in Norway + Italy, Thailand and France

2008 Radoy Art Centre, Radoy, Norway
Falkum Gallery, Skien, Norway
Stipendiateshow, Fosen Art Society, Fosen, Norway
Namsos Art Society, Namsos, Norway
2007 Bømlo Kunstlag, Bømlo kulturhus, Bømlo, Norway
Tjorehagen, Radøy, Norway
2006 Roenland Gallery, Jevnaker, Norway
2005 Åsane Art Society, Bergen, Norway
Skaarer Gallery , Loerenskog Art Society, Akershus, Norway
2004 Langegaarden Gallery, Bergen, Norway
Roenland Gallery, Jevnaker, Norway
2003 Haa Gamle Prestegaard, Haa, Norway
Walaker 300 Gallery, Solvorn, Norway
2002 Namsos Art Society, Namsos, Norway
Roenland Gallery, Jevnaker, Norway
Åsane Art Society, Bergen, Norway
2001 Langegaarden Gallery, Bergen, Norway
2000 Gallery G, Oslo
1999 Nils Aas Kunstverksted, Inderøy, Norway
Aalesund Art Society, Ålesund, Norway
Roenland Gallery, Jevnaker, Norway
1998 Langegaarden Gallery, Bergen
1997 Roenland Gallery, Jevnaker, Norway
1996 (3,14) Bryggen Museum, Bergen
(3,14) Slovenska Narodna Galeria, Zvolensky Zamok, Slovakia
1995 Roenland Gallery, Jevnaker, Norway
(3,14) National Gallery, Amman, Jordan
(3,14) Zilinskas Art Museum, Kaunas, Lithauenia
Langegaarden Gallery, Bergen, Norway
1994 (3,14) Gruzelier Contemporary and Modern Art,London
(3,14) Sutton House, London
Hjadlane Gallery, Osa, Norway
(3,14) Traquaire House, Innerleithen, Scotland
Åsnes Art Society,Flisa, Norway
(3,14) Cultural Ministry Hall, Ho Chi Minh- city, Vietnam
1993 Roenland Gallery, Jevnaker, Norway
Molde Art Society, Molde, Norway
(3,14) National Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1992 Langegaarden Gallery, Bergen, Norway
Stavanger Art Society, Stavanger, Norway
1991 (3,14) Silpakorn Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
Roenland Gallery, Jevnaker, Norway
Namsos, Inderøy and Ål Art Societies, Norway
Flora Gallery, Ålesund, Norway
Gimle Gallery, Oslo, Norway
1990 Viben Gallery, Bryne, Norway
Sandnes Art Society, Sandnes, Norway
(3,14) Artists House, Ulaan Bataar, Peopl. rep. of Mongolia
Fjøsanger Collections, Bergen, Norway
Roenland Gallery, Jevnaker, Norway
(3,14) Artists House, Tbilisi, Georgia
1989 Haugesund Art Society, Haugesund, Norway
Galerie Scanart, West-Berlin
Gimle Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Tromsø, Bodø and Aalesund Art Societies, Norway
1988 Silpakorn Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
Føyner Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Langegaarden Gallery, Bergen, Norway
1987 (3,14) National Gallery, Beijing, China
(3,14) Artists House, Xian, China
(3,14) Maison de Norvege, Cité Internationale, Paris
Viben Gallery, Bryne, Norway
Galerie Scanart, West-Berlin
1986 Artist-Centres; Førde, Florø and Luster, Norway
Drammen Art Society, Drammen, Norway
1985 Langegaarden Gallery, Bergen, Norway
1984 Boibrino Gallery, Stockholm
Lilla Nyborg Gallery, Åland, Sweden
Bergen Art Society, Bergen, Norway
Christiansand Art Society, Kristiansand, Norway
1983 Oslo Art Society, Oslo, Norway
Club 7, Oslo ( one-day-performance )
Føyner Gallery, Oslo, Norway
Anderes Ufer, West-Berlin
1982 Stavanger Art Society, Stavanger, Norway
Drian Galleries, London
1981 Trondhjem Art Society, Trondhjem, Norway
Aix Gallery, Stockholm
Oscar Gallery, Stockholm
1979 Bergen Art Society, Bergen, Norway

Participated in Regional Norwegian Exhibitions such as; "Høstutstilling", "Vestlandsutstilling", "Østlandsutstilling" and "Hordautstilling".....over several years.
Royal Academy Summer Show, London (1979)
Stowells Trophy Exhibition, Royal Academy, London (1979)
New Contemporaries, ICA, London (1980)
"Vårsalongen", Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm (1982)
Stockholm International Art Festival (1985)
Sola International Art Festival, Norway (1986)
Nordic Art ´91, Århus, Denmark (1991)
Asian Watercolor ´95, National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand (1995)
1st International Graphic Triennal, Sofia, Bulgaria (1995)
Sharjah International Art Biennal, U.A.E. ( 2001 )
Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Intern. Watermedia Masters, Nanjing, China ( 2007)

the collections of Riksgalleriet (Contemporary Art Museum, Oslo), Norsk Kulturråd, Stavanger Art Museum, Christiansand Picture Gallery, Sørtrøndelag County Collection, Haugesund Picture Gallery, Bergen Art Museum, - Norway
Statens Konstråd, Sollentuna Kulturn&ae;mnd, - Sweden
National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia
State Museum, Ulaan Bataar, Peopl.rep.of Mongolia
National Museum, Vilnius, Lithauenia
National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
Silpakorn University Collection, Bangkok, Thailand
National Art Collection, Asjkhabad, Turkmenistan
National Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sharjah Art Museum, U.A.E.

BOOKS (designed and written with Feng Xian Lin)
Xiang - mat og kultur fra Hunan, - Mangschou Publishing house 2003
Kinesiske folkeeventyr, - Feng Xian Lin Publishing house 2006

Have the level of Amanuensis, given by a committee at SKA, Oslo 1983
Art Academies in Bergen, Trondhjem and Oslo, Norway
Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand
College for Applied Art, Bergen, N
State Theater College, Oslo
responsible for 2´ year, Strykejernet Art School, Oslo

Chairman ofJury, "Vestlandsutstillingen" 1990-92
RSU- committee, BKFH 1990-92
Committee of Purchases, Bergen Art Museum 1988-92, 1994-00
Art Council, BKFH/HKS- Hordaland 1988-90
West-Norway Regional Council for Art Commissions 1993-95
Member of Board, Bergen Art Society 1995-98
Councelor for several art commissions for private and public buildings
Part-founder of Foundation 3,14. For many years in the board of the foundation
Part of Cultural-group in The Rafto Foundation

Vederlagfondet stipend 2005, 00, 98, 93
Unni Kiellands legat 1995
Ingrid L Langaards Fond 1993, 88
Hordaland fylkeskommm. kunstnerstipend 2004, 1990
BKH materialstipend 1989
BKH stipend 1985
Statens materialstipend 1982
British Council Scolarship 1979 - 80

Source: http://www.willgohs.info/index.php?cv

Sittende Modell by Jan Erik WILLGOHS

Sittende Modell

Price NOK 2,200 (€296)
Estimated NOK 2,000–4,000
Figurkomposition by Jan Erik WILLGOHS


Price SEK 3,700 (€412)
Estimated SEK 2,000
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