Johan Ossian ‘J. Ossian’ ANDERSSON
1889–1975, Sweden

Also known as: JA, Ossian-Andersson, Sandström Th.

Name Johan Ossian ‘J. Ossian’ ANDERSSON
Birth 1889, Sweden
Died 1975

Johan Ossian (J. Ossian) Andersson studied at the Technical School in Stockholm. He has painted marine coastal and beach views usually with fishing boats.

Johan Ossian Andersson worked with the art dealer Thure Sandström in Stockholm who received unsigned paintings by Johan Ossian.
Art dealers Thure Sandström signed then these paintings pseudonymt with his own signature "Th. Sandström" which has subsequently been confused with art dealers Thure Sandström's wife, "Theresia Lisen Sandström".

Source: Art Signature Dictionary

Johan Ossian (J. Ossian) Andersson studerade vid Tekniska skolan i Stockholm. Han har målat marina kust- och strandvyer oftast med fiskebåtar.

Johan Ossian Andersson samarbetade med konsthandlare Thure Sandström i Stockholm som fick målningarna osignerade av Johan Ossian.
Konsthandlare Thure Sandström signerade sedan dessa målningar pseudonymt med sin egen signatur "Th. Sandström" vilket totalt förväxlats med konsthandlare Thure Sandströms hustru "Theresia Lisen Sandström".

Source: Art Signature Dictionary