Leonard WIEDH
1866–1938, Sweden

Birth 1866
Died 1938
Solnedgång by Leonard WIEDH


Price EUR 636 Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated EUR 800–1,000
Kustklippor by Leonard WIEDH


Price SEK 10,550 (€1,268)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Fiskebodar I Bohuslän by Leonard WIEDH

Fiskebodar I Bohuslän

Price SEK 6,600 (€748)
Estimated SEK 3,000
Vårbäck by Leonard WIEDH

Vårbäck (1911)

Price SEK 1,200 (€115)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Fruktstilleben by Leonard WIEDH


Price SEK 0 (€0)
Estimated SEK 1,000
Solnedgång I Vinterlandskap by Leonard WIEDH

Solnedgång I Vinterlandskap (1903)

Price EUR 950
Estimated EUR 900–1,200
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