Louis Joseph Raphael COLLIN

1850–1916, France

Name Louis Joseph Raphael COLLIN
Birth 1850
Died 1916

Having started his studies at the school of Saint-Louis, Louis Joseph Raphael Collin went to Verdun where he was a fellow school friend of Bastien Lepage. A great friendship was born and both Collin and Lepage decided jointly to dedicate themselves to becoming artists.

Collin went to Paris and studied in the atelier of Bouguereau and then joined Lepage at Cabanel’s atelier where they both worked alongside Cormon, Morot and Benjamin Constant. Collin painted still-lives, nudes, portraits and genre pieces. He liked to paint his subjects en plein air with a clear and luminous palette.

Collin made his Salon debut in 1873 with a painting entitled, Sommeil. Collin’s principal works are as follows: Idylle, 1875; Daphnis & Chloe, 1877; Portrait of the artist’s father;18787; Portrait of M S Hayem, 1879; Portrait of Mlle C, 1880; La Musique, 1880; Petits portraits en plein air, 1881; Idylle 1882;Ete, 1884; Floreal, 1886; Fin d’ete & Jeunesse Sorbonne 1889, Plafond pour l’Odeon 1891; Au bord de la mer 1892. Collin also illustrated many books, notably, Daphnis and Chloe 1890 and Chansons de Bilitis 1906.

Collin was a collector of ancient terracotta pots, stoneware and Japanese ceramics. From 1872 to 1889 collaborated on the design of faience made by Thomas Deck. In 1889 and 1894 Collin was awarded medals for his work and was also made an officier of the Legion d’honneur. In 1909 Collin was made a member of the Institut.


Source: www.19thcenturypaintings.com/artist_biography.asp

Nu Allongé Sur L'herbe by Louis Joseph Raphael COLLIN

Nu Allongé Sur L'herbe

Price EUR 1,200
Estimated EUR 1,200–1,500
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