Maryanne LJUNG

Name Maryanne LJUNG
Birth Sweden
Lived & Active In Usa/France

Maryanne Ljung was born in Stockholm, but moved at the age of 19 to Princeton, New Jersey, USA where she lived and worked for 11 years. Her great love of the arts led her to continue her studies in drawing and painting.

Maryanne\'s artistic expression is abstract. She says: \"I want my paintings to be ingenuous and self-explaining where my insights and impressions have been reduced to an imagery which can be tight but which is still rich and full, a search for truth which comes out of simple forms\".

In 1979 Maryanne Ljung moved to Paris and since 1990 she lives and works in the fabulous light of the French Riviera in the old medieval village of Haut de Cagnes between Nice and Antibes. \"The light here on the Riviera is very important for my work. Right now I am looking for simplicity, purity and a serenity that does not exist in life. A silence between forms and colours. My impressions have been reduced to a pictorial language, which can be both rigid and rich in substance, a spirit of eternity...


(2) Nine Eleven, Samt Etsning by Maryanne LJUNG

(2) Nine Eleven, Samt Etsning

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Estimated SEK 1,000
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