Mathurin MOREAU

1822–1912, France

Name Mathurin MOREAU
Birth 1822, France
Died 1912, France

Mathurin Moreau (1822–1912) was a French sculptor in the academic style. He was born in Dijon, first exhibited in the 1848 Salon, and finally received a medal of honor from the Salon in 1897. He was made mayor of the XIXe arrondissement, Paris, and in 1912 had a street named in his honor.


Cupid Et Psyche by Mathurin MOREAU

Cupid Et Psyche

Price USD 0 (€0) Not sold
Estimated USD 8,000–12,000
Figure Of A Woman by Mathurin MOREAU

Figure Of A Woman

Price USD 1,610 (€1,247)
Estimated USD 1,500–2,000
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