1947, Sweden

Name Michael NASBERG
Birth 1947
Lived & Active In Stockholm, Sweden

Michael Nasberg is a photographer and designer who is living in the city of Stockholm.

His photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines in many countries.

Michael Nasberg has exhibited in international photo salons and exhibitions in more than fifteen countries. He has won many prizes and diplomas for his work.

His works are in private collection and galleries in Sweden, USA, Germany, Russia, Georgia, Israel and other countries.

Michael Nasberg is known for his black & white and colour photography in "life" and "art" style.

"The most interesting future of Michael Nasberg`s photography is that he is able to bring together the most abstract edge of perception and the human element of life" - Lindsay Mathews.

The exhibition futures black & white and colour photographs in art , life, documentary, portraiture styles, showing human spirit, soul and character, the forms of human expression - love, death, sadness, friendship.

Source: http://home.swipnet.se/mi/Home1.htm