Mihaly Von ZICHY
1827–1906, Hungary/Russia

Also known as: Mikhail Aleksandrovich Zichi

Name Mihaly Von ZICHY
Birth 1827, Hungary
Died 1906

Mihaly von (Count Mikhail Alexandrovich) Zichy studied in Budapest under Maraston, and in Vienna with F. Waldmüller (1843-1847). Thereafter he lived in St. Petersburg, where he taught drawing to Grand Duchess Ekaterina Mikhailovna. He made trips to the Caucasus (1881-1882) and to France (1875-1880). Between 1859 to 1873 and 1883 to 1906, he was a court painter where he recorded many day to day events, as well as festivities such as balls. He also worked on Russian literary themes and illustrated Hungarian poetry.

Source: Stockholms Auktionsverk, Stockholm Sweden

A Self-portrait Of The Artist In His Studio In Paris by Mihaly Von ZICHY

A Self-portrait Of The Artist In His Studio In Paris (1876)

Price SEK 240,000 (€21,600)
Estimated SEK 250,000–275,000
Traveling First Class by Mihaly Von ZICHY

Traveling First Class (Attributed to Count Mikhail Alexandrovich Zichy)

Price SEK 0 (€0)
Estimated SEK 200,000–225,000
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