1910–1986, Sweden

Also known as: NZ, Z, NS

Name Nils, Harald ‘Nisse’ ZETTERBERG
Birth 1910, Sweden
Died 1986

Nisse Zetterberg was the son of artist Albert Zetterberg. He studied with his father and at the Art Academy in Stockholm. He painted landscapes and cityscapes often from the Stockholm area in Sweden.
Represented: National Museum in Stockholm, Moderna Museet, Stockholm

Nisse Zetterberg var son till konstnären Albert Zetterberg. Han studerade för fadern och vid Konstakademien i Stockholm. Han målade landskap och stadsmotiv ofta från Stockholmstrakten.

Nationalmuseum i Stockholm, Moderna Muséet i Stockholm.

Strandmotiv by Nils ‘Nisse’ ZETTERBERG

Strandmotiv (Executed in 1920's)

Price SEK 1,600 (€169)
Estimated SEK 1,200
Stilleben by Nils ‘Nisse’ ZETTERBERG

Stilleben (-53)

Price SEK 1,200 (€139)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Blomsterstilleben by Nils ‘Nisse’ ZETTERBERG

Blomsterstilleben (-36)

Price SEK 0 (€0) Not sold
Estimated SEK 1,500
Kustmotiv by Nils ‘Nisse’ ZETTERBERG


Price SEK 1,200 (€117)
Estimated SEK 1,500–2,000
Stilleben Med Kopp by Nils ‘Nisse’ ZETTERBERG

Stilleben Med Kopp (1951)

Price SEK 1,500 (€142)
Estimated SEK 1,200
Motiv Från Rom by Nils ‘Nisse’ ZETTERBERG

Motiv Från Rom (1980)

Price SEK 2,100 (€191)
Estimated SEK 1,500

Den Blommiga Klänningen (-38)

Price SEK 1,300 (€118)
Estimated SEK 1,000
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