1829–1912, France

Name Paul Édouard DELABRIERRE
Birth 1829, 29/3, France
Died 1912, France

Delabrierre, an animalier, studied painting with Delestre but made the decision to emphasize sculpture early in his career. He worked mostly in bronze, but also in terra cotta and plaster. In 1848, he made his debut at the Salon with Terrier Holding a Hare and Wounded Deer and until 1882 continued to exhibit a wide array of animal studies, including, zoological specimens, working animals dogs and large game animals, at the Salon He is known for his hunting scenes and animal subjects, and in 1857, Delabrierre executed one of his best known sculpture groups, L'Equitation (The Art of Riding), for the facade of the Louvre. Also, included in the Museum of Amiens collection are Indian Panther and Heron, and other examples of his work include, Stags Fighting, Family of Dogs, Lion and Crocodile, Rider Attacked by a Tiger, Fox and Wild Duck, Arabs Hunting with Birds, and Picador.


Fågel by Paul Édouard DELABRIERRE


Price SEK 1,100 (€118)
Estimated SEK 2,000
Perdrix à L'escargot by Paul Édouard DELABRIERRE

Perdrix à L'escargot

Price EUR 1,500
Estimated EUR 1,500–1,800
Chien à La Bécasse by Paul Édouard DELABRIERRE

Chien à La Bécasse

Price EUR 350
Estimated EUR 350–400
Faisan (fait Pendant Avec Le Lot Suivant) by Paul Édouard DELABRIERRE

Faisan (fait Pendant Avec Le Lot Suivant)

Price EUR 360
Estimated EUR 300–400
Lion Du Sénégal Sur Antilope by Paul Édouard DELABRIERRE

Lion Du Sénégal Sur Antilope

Price EUR 1,900
Estimated EUR 1,000–1,500
Lejon Och Krokodil by Paul Édouard DELABRIERRE

Lejon Och Krokodil

Price SEK 6,000 (€658)
Estimated SEK 10,000–12,000
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