1913–1999, Sweden

Name Per-Erik, Valdemar BÖKLIN
Birth 1913, 24/3, Sweden
Died 1999, Sweden

1913 Born on the 24th of March, at Täckhammar, Nyköping, Sweden.
1933 Moves to Stockholm.
1934 Travels to Germany.
1936 Travels to Germany.
1937-38 Technical studies and practicum at an architect’s office.
1937 Attends Otto Skölds Art school.
1937-43 Attends The Art Academy in Stockholm.
1938 Travels to the Baltic States.
1939 Travels to Denmark.
1946 Separate exhibition in March, at Konsumrestauranten, Sveavägen 68 in Stockholm.
1947-48 Travels to Switzerland, Italy, France, England and the Netherlands.
1949 Participates on the 16th of Sept. – 2nd Oct. in the collective exhibition
“NY REALITET”, Gävle Museum, and in Västerbottens county Art
Union on the 18th-28th of Nov., together with among others,
O. Bonniér, Randi Fisher, Arne Jones, Lage Lindell, Pierre Olofsson,
K-A Pehrson and Lennart Rodhe. Participates at Liljevalchs Spring
Exhibition showing among others “Blå kvadrat” and some graphic Art.
1950 Participates on the 11th-19th of Marts, together with the above
mentioned artists, in a collective exhibition, “KONKRET KONST”,
at Örnsköldsviks art association, in Folkets Hus. Preface by Hans
Eklund. The National Federation of Fine Arts organizes the now very
significant traveling exhibition “NY REALITET”, (NR 89/1950). Preface:
mot en ny verklighet, by Hans Eklund. Artists on display: Olle Bonniér,
Per-Erik Böklin, Randi Fisher, Olle Gill, Arne Jones, Palle Pernevi,
Lennart Rodhe and Armand Rossander.
1953 “Blå kvadrat”, from 1947 is reproduced in Art D’Aujourd’hui’s large
number of Nordic Abstract Art in Paris.
1954 In March-April Hallands Museum, in Halmstad is showing the
exhibition: “Stockholmskonkretister”, including works by Einar Lynge-
Ahlberg, Torsten Andersson, John-Ivar Berg, Olle Bonniér, Harry
Boström, Olle Baertling, Per-Erik Böklin, Ted Dyrssen, Olle Gill, Arne
Jones, Nils Nixon, Pierre Olofsson, Eric H. Olson, Karl-Axel Pehrson
and Lars Rolf.
1956 “Dominantackord” is reproduced in Bjerke-Petersen’s book “Konkret
konst”, released by the publishing firm Rabén & Sjögren.
1957 He is married.
1964 He leaves Stockholm and goes to live on the farm Limängen in Sörmland.
1966 He is divorced.
1975 Large separate exhibition at Eskilstuna Art Museum, “Per-Erik Böklin –
25 års försök i konsten”.
1991-92 Donates all of his remaining production, roughly 300 pieces of work,
to Eskilstuna Art Museum.
1992 Solo exhibition in Stockholm at Galerie Bel’Art, “Per-Erik Böklin-
okänd och erkänd, måleri och grafik 1947-1957”, catalogue preface
by prof. Oscar Reutersvärd.
1999 Dies at his farm Limängen.


Konstnär, målare, tecknare, grafiker. Studier vid Konstakademien (Konsthögskolan) i Stockholm. Företog studieresor till Italien, Schwez, Frankrike, England och Holland.

Source: Art Signature Dictionary