1816–1900, Netherlands

Name Pieter, Lodewijk Francisco KLUYVER
Birth 1816, Netherlands
Died 1900

Pieter Kluyver

The Dutch landscape painter, Pieter Lodewijk Francisco Kluyver (1817-1900), was a specialist in panoramic landscapes working in the area around Arnhem, Amersfoort, The Hague and Amsterdam. In terms of style and composition and his search for technical perfection, Kluyver\'s work is very much a continuation of the 17th century Northern Netherlandish tradition of landscape painting as exemplified, among others, by Jacob Ruysdael and Philips Koninck.
The painting shown here is of particular interest given its daring use of colour perspective, Kluyver\'s use of light and the impressive clouded sky. The artist has enriched the foreground with figures which stylishly lead the viewer\'s gaze in the direction of the plain stretching out towards the horizon. This painting is a \'pièce de conversation\' in the true sense of the word: it illustrates the artistic dialogue between the realists of the 17th century and their 19th century successors with a nicety that is rarely encountered. While the 17th century painters worked from memory, their 19th century admirers extended their painterly language through the fruits of the great 19th century advance of observation. This hommage to Philips Koninck, which is both rich in detail and at the same time of a monumental grandeur, is a beautiful example of the \"New Golden Age\" of Dutch landscape painting.

Source: http://www.paol-co.com/search_artist_uk.asp?ArtistID=158

Promenerande Par Vid Bäck by Pieter KLUYVER

Promenerande Par Vid Bäck

Price SEK 16,000 (€1,658)
Estimated SEK 20,000–25,000
Landskap Med Vandrande Människor by Pieter KLUYVER

Landskap Med Vandrande Människor (-68)

Price SEK 44,000 (€4,009)
Estimated SEK 20,000–25,000
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