Pontus CARLE
1955, Sweden

Name Pontus CARLE
Birth 1955, Sweden

Pontus Carle biography:
"I was born in Sweden in 1955, in 1959 my family moved to Paris, and I went to french and international schools.When I turned 18, I decided to dedicate myself to art and started studying etching with Henri Goetz, american artist who had a school in Montparnasse. I then was admitted in the beaux-arts where I studied painting and lithography. The time in the Paris art school was followed by a year in Sweden where I pursued the lithography studies with Bertil Lundberg, renown swedish print maker. After finished studies, some traveling in europe and africa, a few experiences exhibiting my work, I visited New York in 1980 and settled there and stayed until 1989. New York had a strong impact on me, the first years were equivalent to being back to school,and my work went through a total revolution. The second part of the stay was very productive and I had a number of exhibitions in New York and other parts of the states. In the end of the eighties, I gradually moved back to Europe and chose Paris as a base. In 1991, during a trip to Berlin, I met an artist book publisher and the same year my first artist book was published in collaboration with an new york poet friend. I rented a studio in Berlin and worked on numerous artist book projects,and many exhibitions in Berlin and throughout Germany. In the 90 s I had numerous exhibitions in Europe, especially Sweden, Germany and France, and occasional events in United States, including sales of artist books to different institutions. I started traveling and working between studios in the south of Sweden, Berlin and Paris, which I still do to this day".

Selected Exhibitions

2012 Galerie Charlot, Paris - France.
Art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe - Germany.
Karlskrona Konsthall, Karlskrona - Sweden.
Vasa Konsthall,, Gothenburg - Sweden.

2011 Grafik i väst, Gothenburg - Sweden.

2010 Grafiska sällskapets galleri, Stockholm - Sweden.
galerie charlot, Paris.

2009 Galleri Lindqvist, Arkeltorp - Sweden.
Galleri Sander, Norrköping - Sweden.

2008 Matchartspace - Brooklyn, New York - USA.

2007 Ronneby konsthall, Ronneby - Sweden.
Sörmlands Museum och Konsthall, Nyköping - Sweden.

2006 Pumphusets Konsthall, Borstahusens hamn, Landskrona - Sweden
Galleri Astley, Uttersberg - Sweden.

2005 Galerie Bertrand Trocmez, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Galleri Futura, Stockholm - Sweden.
German House Gallery, New York, USA.

2003 Stadt Museum Speyer, Speyer, Germany

2002 Nordiska ministerrådet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stadtmuseum, Jena, Germany

2001 Galleri Svenska Bilder, Stockholm, Sweden
Galleri Astley, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

2000 Galerie Mabel Semmler, Paris, France

1999 Konsthallen i Hishult, Sweden

1998 Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions

1991 Bilder & Graphiken der Künstlergruppe Herzattacke, Berlin
1992 Galerie Kiezkultur, Berlin
1993 Galerie auf Zeit "Die Bilderwelten des Pontus Carle", Berlin
Galerie Die unterirdische Tante, Berlin (with Mikos Meininger, Michael Würzberger and Rainer Tschernay)
Galerie Baumschulenweg, Berlin (Künstlergruppe "Herzattacke")
1994 Musée des Ademars, Montellimar
1995 Galerie Area, Paris
Schattenmundreden Buchgraphik, Berlin
1996 Das pulverisierte Gesicht, Berlin
Die Kunst, mit Steinen zu drucken.
Klingspor - Museum, Offenback
Fünfte Handpressentriennale "Druck und Buch" Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nünberg
1997 Galerie de l' Atrium, Lyon
Atelier Albrecht 18, Berlin (with Sabine Jahn)
1998 FIEDLER & FORSTER - Rechtsanwälte, Berlin (with Klaus Bendler and Sabine Jahn)
Kunst in der Bestahl, Berlin (with Klaus Bendler and Michael Würzberger)
Galerie W, Paris
Kulturbrauerei, Berlin (Buchprojekt "Oliv ist Arsen order Pekinger Wüsteneien" - Edition Dschamp)
1999 Dorfgalerie, Auerswalde/Sachsen (with Sabine Jahn)
2000 Klinik für Psychiatrie, Altenburg/Thüringen (with Sabine Jahn and MichaelWürzberger)
2001 Galleri Astley "DREI AUS DREI" (with Klaus Zylla and Rico Sequeira), Uttersberg, Sweden
Galleri Art Room "DREI AUS DREI", Malmo, Sweden (with K. Zylla and R. Sequeira)
2002 Casa da Cultura da Calhera, Insel Madeira, Portugal and Galerie Antonio Prates, Lissabon DREI AUS DREI (with K.Zylla & R.Sequeira)
Stadtmuseum Jena "DREI AUS DREI" (with K. Zylla and R. Sequeira)
2003 Stadtmuseum Speyer, Speyer. Germany
2004 Grafikens hus, Mariefred, Sweden.
Galerie Mabel Semmler, Paris, France
2005 Konsthallen i Hishult, Hishult, Sweden.
Grafikens hus, Mariefred, Sweden.

Source: http://www.pontuscarle.com/