1939, England/Sweden

Also known as: RB

Name Robert BENSON
Birth 1939, England
Lived & Active In Stockholm, Sweden

Born 1939 England at it\\\'s finest hour, in the green fields of Kent, at the small Elisabethan village of Sandwich (smörgås), surrounded by 24 local pubs: Started to draw at the age of four years for no accountable reason. Moved to London at the age of ten. Was introduced to the Whitechapel Art Gallery and spent the next two years as much as possible in their painting rooms. At twelve and a half years was awarded the Whitechapel Art Award and a full time scholarship on a full time basis at Camberwell Art College. Parents deciding he would never uphold the British Empire in a uniform reluctantly let him attend. Camberwell Art College was at that time one of the only art schools in Europe that could take so young students and offer such facilities as bronzecasting in the sculpture school under Dr Vogel. Pottery, engraving, lithography, fabric design to general drawing, painting with courses on architecture and anatomy with private tutors such as Sir Francis Rose, Michael Rothenstein and The Walmer Castle (local Pub). In the next nine and a half years successfully passed all examinations and awards with the final national diploma of design etc. Also passed working in fairgrounds, circusese, beerfactories etc. Extensively travelled in Europe (on foot). Adopted by the Basques and thrown out by the Guard Civilia. During the final year did free-lance filmwork for John Krish of Countryman Films, and while deciding whether to do another three years at the Royal College of Arts was offered a job with World Wide Films fromJohn Reed of Walt Disney. This was a difficult choice, but the fat salary gave the answer and for the next two years learned the process of 140 drawings per second to a sound-track. Went mad the second year and inserted Victorian breathing exercises in a serious documentary film on the human body, and was asked to leave with unkind words! Was offered a job at Chambers and partners in Wardour St., designed and made credit titles and commercials for such companies as Warner Bros, Seven Arts, Hammer Films and ATV. During this time classics were made such as Draculas Daughters, The Saint, Only Two Can Play. In 1964 had bright idea to make abstract toys for adults. Founded Gonk Ltd. Joined swinging London and made millions. Retired to Chelsea Manor Street in the Kings Road and spent every penny (Chelsea Potter, local Pub). Started painting and free-lance work. Went to America and ended up in Sweden (Tudor Arms, local Pub). During the time in Sweden, has worked free-lance making commercials, designing books and other such rubbish for the publishing industry. Also has made a number of films with Swedish Television, but not being a social democrat found it very difficult. Is now working full time at his painting in Stockholm. Please, buy now - or leave a small change in the hat by the door as you go out.
Thank you.

In the last 20 years paintings, etchings, lithographs and other forms of ideas have been shown in 30 galleries in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. Works of art in oil and 3-dimentional paintings are in many public places. Bonniers Förlag, Pharmacia, Trosa Stadshotell, Handelsbanken, Trygg-Hansa, Texas Instruments, Gota Invest, Vällingby centrum, Vallentuna Kommun, Botkyrka Kommun, Statens samlingar, to name a few.

Future works will be based more on ideas than technique - more on the joy of painting, which I hope will give a wider range of subjects and will give a stimulus to myself and to the beholder.


Robert Benson Började rita vid 4-års ålder. Flyttade till London 10 år gammal, och började på Whitechapel Art Gallery
där han tillbringade sin mesta tid i deras målarsal. 12 ½ år gammal blev han tilldelad The Whitechapel
Art Award, ett stipendium till Camberwell Art College. Camberwell var vid denna tid ett av fåtal skolor i
Europa som kunde ta emot så unga elever.
Efter 9½ år på Camberwell tog Robert sin examen.
Han började resa runt i Europa och hamnade senare i USA. Robert arbetade 2 år hos Walt Disney och
på olika filmbolag bl,a Warner Bros, Seven Arts, Hammer Film och ATV.

Vid återkomsten till England började Robert måla som frilansare. Återvände till USA och tog sig sedan
till Stockholm. Är heltidskonstnär sedan 20 år tillbaka.

Utställningar (urval):
Galleri Nova, Stockholm, 1977.
Nova, Båstad, 1978.
Agardhs Galleriet, Båstad, 1979.
Galerie Bel`Art, Stockholm, 1978-79.
Ross Widen Gallery, Ohio, USA, 1980.
Reinius in Form, Stockholm, 1982.
Konsthandeln i PK-huset, Stockholm, 1982.
AE Galleri, Göteborg, 1983.
Konstmässan, Sollentuna, 1983.
Galleri Trosa Kvarn, Trosa, 1985.
Larssons Art, Köln, Tyskland, 1987.
Gallerie Werkstatt-Laden, Schweiz, 1994.
Capitol Studios, Stockholm, 1996.
Nitkas, Stocholm, 1997.

Representerad (urval):
Bonniers Förlag, Pharmacia, Trosa Stadshotell, Handelsbanken, Trygg Hansa, Texas Instruments,
Gota Invest, Vällingby Centrum, Vallentuna Kommun, Botkyrka Kommun, Statens samlingar.