1970–2002, Sweden

Name Robert NETTARP
Birth 1970, Sweden
Died 2002, Sweden

Swedish Robert Nettarp is primarily a fashion photographer, but his shots often attempt to disrupt the norm. While his subjects are usually flawlessly beautiful, Nettarp adds something eerie, discomforting, or vile. Nettarp was trained as a painter but drifted towards photography when he was 18 years old, taking photos of his model friends, and eventually gaining employment photographing for renowned Swedish label H&M. Nettarp\'s view of beauty is an interesting, and perhaps logical, one. These ominous or gross facets of Nettarp\'s images reflect his belief in \"beauty that is on the edge\".

åse Beautiful Pain by Robert NETTARP

åse Beautiful Pain (2000/2001)

Price SEK 27,000 (€2,870)
Estimated SEK 20,000–25,000
Copy My Face - Stockholm 2000-2001 by Robert NETTARP

Copy My Face - Stockholm 2000-2001 (2000-2001)

Price SEK 9,000 (€936)
Estimated SEK 12,000–15,000
Mjölk #1 - Milano 2001 by Robert NETTARP

Mjölk #1 - Milano 2001 (2001)

Price SEK 22,000 (€2,288)
Estimated SEK 12,000–15,000
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