1930, USA

Birth 1930, USA

Ron Gorchov

Ron Gorchov began his career at a young age in Chicago. He attended three different universities, University of Mississippi, Roosevelt College and Art Institute, and University of Illinois. Gorchov later moved to New York, where he developed his signature style. He is known for using curved canvases that extend out from the wall rather than the traditional flat, square canvases. He is also famous for using abstract, symmetrical forms on each side of the canvas that vaguely mirror each other. His works can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim.


Loggia by Ron GORCHOV

Loggia (1982)

Price USD 26,000 (€20,972)
Estimated USD 26,000–50,000
Machpelah by Ron GORCHOV

Machpelah (2005)

Price USD 26,000 (€20,972)
Estimated USD 260,000–50,000
Untitled #11 by Ron GORCHOV

Untitled #11

Price SEK 4,000 (€439)
Estimated SEK 10,000–12,000
Prelude by Ron GORCHOV


Price SEK 3,500 (€344)
Estimated SEK 5,000–6,000
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