1945, Ireland/USA

Name Sean SCULLY
Birth 1945, 3/1, Ireland

Sean Scully moved to London and educated at Croydon College of Art, London. Newcastle University, UK. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. He moved to the United States 1975 and became American Citizen.

Barcelona Robe by Sean SCULLY

Barcelona Robe (-05)

Price SEK 0 (€0) Not sold
Estimated SEK 35,000–40,000
Fold Black by Sean SCULLY

Fold Black (-03)

Price SEK 26,000 (€2,950)
Estimated SEK 25,000–30,000
Horizon I by Sean SCULLY

Horizon I (-03)

Price SEK 23,000 (€2,609)
Estimated SEK 25,000–30,000
Monach by Sean SCULLY

Monach (1994)

Price GBP 379,250 (€470,532) Incl. buyer's premium
Estimated GBP 350,000–450,000
Brown Light by Sean SCULLY

Brown Light (2001)

Price SEK 32,000 (€3,345)
Estimated SEK 30,000–40,000
Coloured Wall by Sean SCULLY

Coloured Wall (2003)

Price SEK 0 (€0)
Estimated SEK 30,000–35,000
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